Category: Digestive Health

Precision Medicine Collides With A Clock Mystery From 1665

May 23, 2017

An odd phenomenon observed in 1665 explains how the body knows when to replace disease-preventing cells in our guts…. read more >

Final artificial pancreas clinical trials now open

February 7, 2017

Clinical trials are now enrolling to provide the final tests for a University of Virginia-developed artificial pancreas to automatically… read more >

UVA honored nationally for bariatric surgery, cancer care

January 9, 2017

University of Virginia Medical Center’s bariatric surgery and cancer care programs have earned… read more >

Unknown soldiers: UVA discovers powerful defenders of the brain

December 19, 2016

UVA researchers discover an influential type of immune cell in the membranes around the brain;
These… read more >

UVA named National Pancreas Foundation Center for pancreatitis care

December 1, 2016

For meeting standards to provide high-quality patient care, University of Virginia Health System has been designated a … read more >

Preventing cancer: Study finds dramatic benefits of weight-loss surgery

October 1, 2015

In a Nutshell
A study looked at the effects of weight-loss surgery on obese women most at risk for… read more >