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January 7, 2011

UVA physician selected to attend White House Doctors for Healthcare Reform event

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“As an Emergency Physician, mine is the only medical specialty required by Federal Law to provide medical care to all patients who present for care – regardless of their ability to pay.  This fact makes me proud to do what I do.”

Dr. Pamela Ross, associate professor of emergency medicine and pediatrics at the University of Virginia Health System, is not just concerned for the condition of her patients, but also for their lack of access to preventative medicine.  When she asks her patients why they don’t seek early treatment for their illnesses, their reasons include lacking insurance, being dropped from their health plans or being unable to pay for medications. Her perspective as a 16-year veteran of medicine and her experience as a patient are just two of the reasons why Ross has strong beliefs about healthcare reform. She was selected to share those beliefs at a White House event held on Monday, Oct. 5.

A chance encounter landed her the opportunity. “A few years ago, I met a farmer from South Boston. As we spoke, I offered him my views on good health and healthcare. My words must have made an impression because I was shocked to discover that he nominated me for this opportunity,” says Ross.

Ross was notified of her selection late on Thursday, Oct. 1.  She arrived in Washington, D.C. on Sunday, joining physicians from around the country with a shared purpose-changing how healthcare is delivered in America. While at the White House, Ross was able to meet President Barack Obama and submit written comments to the administration about her perspective on healthcare reform.

Her comments can be made available upon request.

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