Joshua Barney

Josh joined the Health System in 2011 as a writer and editor. He previously worked at The Daily Progress newspaper in Charlottesville, Va., first as a reporter and then as an editor. He is a graduate of UVA. Josh primarily covers research and the School of Medicine.

Job Title: Senior Marketing & Public Relations Specialist
Phone: 434.243.1988

Just 1 Session of Exercise Can Help Make Cells Healthier

September 21, 2017

Whether it’s running, walking, cycling, swimming or rowing, it’s been well known since ancient times that doing some form of aerobic exercise is essential to good health and well-being. You can lose weight, sleep better, fight stress and high blood pressure, improve your mood, plus strengthen bones and muscles.

“Whether muscle is healthy or not… read more >

New technique lets doctors predict disease severity

September 12, 2017

An international team of researchers has found a way to diagnose disease and predict patient outcomes simply by measuring unbelievably small changes in interactions between molecules inside the body. The simple new technique could offer vastly superior predictions of disease severity in a huge range of conditions with a genetic component, such as Alzheimer’s,… read more >

Breast Cancer Patients on Opioids Less Likely to Stick to Vital Treatment

September 1, 2017

A new study has found a troubling lack of adherence to a potentially lifesaving treatment regimen among breast cancer patients who take opioids to manage their pain.

The treatment, adjuvant endocrine therapy, commonly known as hormone therapy, is used to prevent the cancer from returning after surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Opioid use, however, was… read more >

New Tool Can Predict Patients’ Outcomes After Cardiac Arrest

August 25, 2017

Targeted temperature management – the precise cooling of a person suffering cardiac arrest – can literally be the difference in life or death. Now researchers have developed a new tool to predict how much the treatment will benefit a patient. They hope the new tool will be both helpful and a comfort to patients’… read more >

Antibiotics Found to Weaken Body’s Ability to Fight Off Disease

August 17, 2017

Adding another reason for doctors to avoid the overuse of antibiotics, new research shows that a reduction in the variety of microbes in the gut interferes with the immune system’s ability to fight off disease.

Researchers at the School of Medicine have found that antibiotic use made neutrophils, a type of immune cell, less… read more >

Bow Foundation Backs UVA Research Into Rare Genetic Disorder

August 9, 2017

The Bow Foundation today announced a grant of $50,000 to the School of Medicine to fund research into a genetic disorder so rare it has no common name.

The cutting-edge project will be led by Michael McConnell, PhD, and will study GNAO1 gene mutations. Roughly 50 children worldwide are impacted by a GNAO1 genetic disorder…. read more >

UVA Enlists Robotic Help to Enhance Blood Testing

August 3, 2017

The University of Virginia Health System has revolutionized how it tests patient blood samples, automating its primary blood testing facility with high-tech robots that are getting doctors results quickly and efficiently – and allowing UVA to offer a wider range of blood tests to boot.

Speedy turnaround times for blood tests are often vital for… read more >

Global Research Priorities Identified for Sudden Unexpected Infant Death

July 27, 2017

The scientific journal Pediatrics today published a paper from the School of Medicine, the American SIDS Institute and partner international organizations which sets out new global priorities for tackling Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID).

The paper, titled “Research Priorities in Sudden Unexpected Infant Death: An International Consensus,” highlights the Global Action and Prioritization of… read more >

How Texting Can Protect Babies From Sudden Death

July 25, 2017

A series of educational videos delivered by text or email successfully encouraged new mothers to use safe sleep practices for their babies, reducing the risk of sudden unexpected infant death, a new study has found. The research comes from the University of Virginia Schools of Medicine and Nursing, Yale University School of Medicine and… read more >

Indestructible Virus Yields Secret to Creating Incredibly Durable Materials

July 19, 2017

It’s like the Superman of viruses, astonishingly tough and able to survive in an environment that would dissolve flesh and bone. And now scientists have unlocked the secrets of its indestructibility, potentially allowing them to harness its remarkable properties to create super-durable materials and better treat disease.

The discovery reveals something never before seen in… read more >