Joshua Barney

Josh primarily covers research and the School of Medicine. He previously worked at The Daily Progress newspaper in Charlottesville, Va., first as a reporter and then as an editor. He is a graduate of UVA.

Job Title: Deputy Public Information Officer
Phone: 434.906.8864

How COVID-19 Affects Children Vital to Slowing Pandemic, Doctors Say

March 19, 2020
It is critical to understand how COVID-19 affects children to limit its spread and ensure the youngest patients get the care they need, doctors are warning.

Breastfeeding Guide Aims to Help Docs Ease Moms Through Tough 1st Week

March 11, 2020
The guide also seeks to address gaps in knowledge and support created in previous decades when breastfeeding was far less common.

UVA Discovers Why Obesity Causes High Blood Pressure

March 9, 2020
Researchers have determined precisely how obesity causes high blood pressure and identified potential ways of treating that form of high blood pressure.

Study Reveals How Green Space Can Reduce Violent Crime

February 27, 2020
The researchers dentified several patterns that can help inform public policy, guide urban design and promote neighborhoods that are safe and low in crime.

School of Medicine Sees Record Funding From NIH

February 17, 2020
The funding backs the School of Medicine's ambitious research effort to pioneer treatments and cures while helping doctors understand and prevent disease.

Brain Tumor Discovery May Unlock New Treatments for Many Cancers

February 14, 2020
A supposedly simple childhood cancer proves unexpectedly sophisticated -- and that discovery may open the door to new treatments for many cancers.

Majority of New Moms Don’t Follow Safe Sleep Practices, Study Finds

February 11, 2020
“This is important information that means we may need to re-think how we approach our conversations with families about safe sleep,” UVA pediatrician Ann Kellams said.

MRI Pioneer John Mugler Named to National Academy of Inventors

February 5, 2020
UVA's John Mugler was instrumental in developing innovative pulse sequences that revolutionized magnetic resonance imaging.

Medicaid Expansion Slashed Uninsured Rates in Diabetes Belt, Study Finds

February 3, 2020
The increase in people with insurance helps address the lack of access to care that is a key contributor to the diabetes epidemic.

HIV Outcomes Improved by State-Purchased Insurance Plans, Study Finds

January 29, 2020
Increasing enrollment in the plans could save millions in healthcare costs and even reduce HIV transmission, the researchers say.