Update: Lee Street to Close Nights of Sept. 27-28 for Repaving

September 18, 2020
Lee Street will be closed in front of the University of Virginia Medical Center from 8 p.m.-5 a.m. on the evenings of Sept. 20 and 21 for repaving.

Women Surgeons Earn Their Cut of NIH Funding – and Then Some

August 20, 2020
Women are underrepresented in the field of academic surgery, but women surgeons are earning a disproportionate share of research grants from the National Institutes of Health.

Top Coma Experts Seek to Improve Patient Outcomes

August 18, 2020
Leading coma experts have created an ambitious plan to help doctors better care for comatose patients and answer that most awful question: “Will my loved one wake up?”

Stroke: Online Calculator Can Predict Your Risk

August 13, 2020
Doctors can predict patients' risk of ischemic stroke by using a tool developed by a UVA pediatrician and his collaborator.

When Can Kids Return to Sports After COVID-19? Doctors Weigh In

August 12, 2020
Pediatric cardiologists are offering important advice on when it is safe for children and teens to return to playing sports after recovering from COVID-19.

Four Free Weekly COVID-19 Testing Events Planned

August 7, 2020
To help keep Charlottesville and the surrounding area safe, UVA Health is teaming up with the Virginia Department of Health, Thomas Jefferson Health District and community partners to offer four free COVID-19 testing events each week.

UVA Named to Newsweek’s Best Maternity Hospitals List

August 6, 2020
For meeting a set of rigorous best practices for maternity care, University of Virginia Medical Center, UVA Women’s Services and UVA Children’s have been named to Newsweek’s Best Maternity Hospitals 2020 list.

Study Finds Barriers to HIV Prevention in the South

August 4, 2020
The South, the U.S. region with the most HIV infections each year, also has the greatest barriers to obtaining drugs that can prevent the disease for people who rely on Affordable Care Act insurance plans.

Why is Stroke So Deadly for People of African Descent?

July 31, 2020
An international team of scientists has completed the largest analysis of stroke-risk genes ever undertaken in people of African descent.

Your Brain Parasite Isn’t Making You Sick – Here’s Why

July 30, 2020
A new discovery explains how the body keeps a common brain parasite in check, shedding light on the brain's relationship with the immune system.